Friday, October 12, 2007

Kodak Announces Update To Popular T-Max 400 B&W Film

If you're still shooting black and white file, you'll be pleased to discover that Kodak has announced an improved version of its Professional T-Max 400 film. The new ISO 400 film offers finer grain and greater image sharpness. According to the company, the emulsion has been altered to further minimize light scatter, which can reduce image sharpness. A UV barrier layer has been added to the back of the film in medium-format and 35mm rolls to prevent accidental exposure to static inside the camera. (Large-format sheets, which might be used for contact printing on UV-sensitive materials, do not have the UV layer.)

Kodak recommends slight changes in processing time for the new T-Max 400. Development times with Kodak chemistry will be published on the box, and the company will update its processing instructions online when the new film is available.

The new Professional T-Max 400 will be available in stores beginning in December 2007. You'll be able to tell it apart from the old T-Max by the "World's Sharpest!" text emblazoned on the packaging. Kodak will also replace its 50-sheet packages of 8x10 T-Max 400 sheet film with 10-sheet packages.

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