Monday, October 11, 2010

Kubota Releases Vintage Delish Presets for Adobe Lightroom

Kubota Image Tools has released “Vintage Delish” a package of new presents for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.  I've found Lightroom presets to be invaluable to my workflow whether as user-created or pre-configured downloads.  The images above show the effects of their "66 Beetle" preset.  Top image is "Before" with the bottom image displaying the "After" effects of the preset.  Available for $39, below is the company’s description of their product. 

Introducing 42 brand new Kubota Lightroom Presets that scream "modern retro". Evoking nostalgia from decades spanning as far back as 100 years, these Presets will transport your images with fashionable, highly sought-after looks. From handcrafted flavors channeling the days of the Holga to groovy old film styles reminiscent of sultry polyester, every creative Develop Preset is fully compatible with Adobe® Lightroom 3 and will be the perfect compliment to your existing collection of Kubota V3 Presets.

Kubota Lightroom Presets – Vintage Delish includes: 
•  Color-toned black & whites 
•  Faded antique effects 
•  Burnt & rusty colors 
•  Touches of grain 
•  Softening and glowing 
•  Deep, bold vignettes
•  Warming tones 
•  Funky cross process styling 
•  And many other creative surprises!

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